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China International Coffee and Tea Exhibition

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September 3-5, 2008
Shanghai New International Expo Center
Shanghai, China

Coffee sales in China grew by 90% in the five years up to 2003 to 6,504.5 tones. It is worth more than US$90 million but accounts for just 1% of world consumption. International companies are queuing up to carve up their slice of a market as local sales increase between 50% and 100% annually. The Chinese coffee market is expected to grow by 70% in total volume sales between 2003 and 2008 to reach 11,073 tones. Studies have shown that within Asian countries, affluent consumers with a high degree of Western influence are more likely to accept a coffee culture.
In terms of market composition, instant coffee dominates the Chinese coffee market. At this moment, coffee is still a relatively new drink to the locals. Most Chinese have not come to fully appreciate the taste of coffee and they are content with the convenience and taste of instant coffee for now

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