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Commercial Coffee Equipment

An airpot is a large, vacuum insulated carafe that dispenses hot or cold beverages via an air pump pressed on the lid. Self-serve beverages can often be kept hot up to 12 hours, and cold up to 24 hours.

Brewers dispense the coffee that they brew in large quantities, usually through a spigot on the front of the pot or machine. For the very busy restaurants and buffet counters for self-service.

Brewer Accessories
Such items can include reusable wire mesh baskets for coffee grounds, specialty mugs for travel, condiment sets for creamers, sweeteners, and flavors, and so on.

Coffee dispensers take many shapes. Commercial dispensers are often calibrated for an exact amount of beans to be measured to go into the grinders. Some models even grind these beans in the same machine.

Espresso & Cappuccino Machines
Commercial espresso machines date back to the turn of the 20th century, eventually spreading the Italian coffee craze all over Europe, the Americas, and the world.

Commercial coffee grinders for restaurants can handle up to five pounds of beans at a time. Various grinds, from coarse to extra fine (Turkish), allow a wide variety of coffee styles.

The traditional coffee pot at restaurants, push-pots that brew and serve the coffee all in the same container, carafes, and tea pots ... there are as many styles and preferences as there are types of coffee drinks.

Specialty Drink Machines
Whichever came first, the smoothie, the frapp, or the granita, there are many quality machines that either specialize or cover all styles of cold and/or frozen delights.

Warmers can range from the desktop, single cup warmer that identifies the serious coffee drinker at work, on up to multiple burner "hot plate" styles in restaurants and cafs that keep brewed pots ready to serve.

Water Filtration
The quality of the coffee starts with the water. A variety of filtration systems -- drop-filters of paper or charcoal, in-line filtering, osmosis, distillation, softening -- continues to evolve as demand rises.


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