Coffee Condiments

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Coffee Condiments

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Coffee Condiments

Condiment Kits
Organization at the condiment bar keeps things healthy as well as attractive and easy to use (and to check on the refills). A wide variety of caddies, trays, and dispensers are available.
Creamers can include whole cream in a pitcher, half-and-half in individual plastic container, non-dairy powders in packets or liquids in bottles, and in every flavored combination imaginable.

Cups, Lids, Cup Sleeves
Paper or styrofoam (check your local laws first)? Standard vents or closeable lids? Cup sleeves plain or with advertising? Customer preferences affect advertising.

Flavored Syrups
Quality syrups from around the world for coffees, teas, and frozen beverages. They range from the well-known to the cottage industry in unlimited gourmet flavors.
Stir Sticks
A simple stir stick ... you'd be surprised how many choices there are!
White sugar just isn't enough. Now you can offer unprocessed cane sugar in large brown crystals along with the old standby and three or four artificial sweeteners.

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