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Spectrum Coffee & Water Launches Nationwide Office Coffee Service

Spectrum Coffee & Water, Inc.
January 5, 2009

Jessup, MD -- Spectrum Coffee & Water, Inc. announced today it is redefining the way workplaces throughout the US provide office coffee service and drinking water coolers for their employees. Through its newly launched online coffee service,, Spectrum offers an innovative solution for offices of all sizes, available nationwide.

Spectrum's unique, e-commerce-based business model provides 20% - 40% total cost savings over traditional route delivery office coffee providers, while providing a tremendous increase in product selection. Through online ordering and efficient direct delivery, Spectrum reduces the costs on a huge selection of name brand and private label coffees, teas, hot and cold drinks, and related break room supplies. CEO Jeff Doughty stated, "Coffee has always been considered one of the most cost effective ways to raise moral in the office. In today's difficult economic times most companies are seeking to cut costs. That often results in the downgrading of the quality of coffee or the selection of products provided to employees. Offices now have the option to dramatically cut costs instead of cutting quality."

Spectrum provides nationwide service coverage to coffee and water clients in all 50 states. Doughty adds, "We have seen tremendous demand for consolidated office coffee and water programs based on our complete service coverage capabilities to deliver, install, and service coffee brewers and a large selection of filtered drinking water coolers." is the perfect solution for companies with as few as 3 employees as well as very large clients with thousands of employees in hundreds of office locations. Over the past 20 years, Spectrum's filtered water cooler solutions have reduced the energy usage and waste associated with delivered bottled drinking water solutions. Spectrum has applied these same environmental principals to its office coffee business model. Products are delivered by FedEx and UPS. Says Doughty, "Our service and delivery model eliminates the need for hundreds of coffee delivery trucks on the road that waste fuel and create emissions on already over-congested highways."

To learn more about Spectrum's coffee and water cooler solutions, visit and click on "How It Works", the "Live Chat" icon, or call Spectrum directly at (800) 475-5037.

About Spectrum
Spectrum Coffee & Water, formerly Spectrum Water Coolers, was founded in 1989. Based in Jessup, Maryland, Spectrum was the first company in the U.S. to sell and service filtered, bottle-less drinking water coolers to offices and workplaces throughout the United States. Spectrum was named as the Water Cooler Dealer of the Year in 2007 by Water Technology Magazine.

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