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Other Topics: Hotel Coffee, Low Acid Coffee

July 29, 2008

WOODLAND, Calif., - Today millions of Americans
suffer from heartburn and acid reflux, with coffee serving as one of the
leading causes of these symptoms. A solution to this problem is Puroast(R)
Low Acid Coffee, a gourmet coffee now available in stores throughout the US.
With less than half the acid of all other brands, Puroast(R)
(http://www.puroast.com) is an attractive option for these afflicted

While the Puroast(R) brand is growing in popularity, another facet of the
company is less well-known: sustainable technology. The origins of
Puroast(R) are in the Andes Mountains of South America where the company
founders came upon an ancient method for roasting coffee. This old-world
method is best fueled by biomass, a renewable resource. To effectively
commercialize this process, Puroast(R) integrated a proprietary wood
pellet-fired energy technology to a modernized roasting operation that
mirrored the rudimentary Andean method.

Puroast(R)'s breakthrough technology caught the eye of the world's leading
authority in sustainable business development, The Sustainable Business
Institute (SBI), in San Jose, California. The SBI
(http://www.sustainablebusiness.org) is a global organization comprised of
business and technology innovators, whose aim is to promote the use of
sustainable business practices.

SBI's Executive Director and Founder Jessica Fullmer says, "The SBI is a
long-standing, cross-industry group that corporate prime movers count on when
it comes to reliable, state-of-the-art information in sustainability." She
adds, "One truly distinct feature of the SBI is fostering the interaction of
CEO's from the world's largest corporations, such as Intel, with those from
smaller, but equally innovative companies, like Puroast(R)."

In recognition of their innovation and leadership in sustainability, the
SBI awarded their Seal of Sustainability to Puroast(R) in 2004. As a result
Puroast(R) now carries the Seal of Sustainability on their product packaging,
as well as a description of their sustainable processing and the SBI.

Says Puroast(R)'s CEO Kerry Sachs, "Puroast(R) Low Acid Coffee is one of
those cases where sustainability has actually led to a better consumer
product -- the economics and qualities of renewable, wood pellet fuel, enables
us to make low acid coffee commercially viable and affordable to the American

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