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Single-Origin Chocolate Syrup a Market First Perfectly Geared to Specialty Coffee Retailers

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Mont Blanc Gourmet
July 21, 2008

Mont Blanc Gourmet Features Omanhene Ghana Chocolate for Its First Release

Denver, CO -- Mont Blanc Gourmet introduces a market first with its Ghana chocolate syrup, featuring Omanhene chocolate. The first single-origin syrup is available now to specialty coffee roasters and retailers looking to offer a chocolate experience unlike any other.

“Chocolate and coffee flavors are distinctive and very much a part of where they come from,” says Mont Blanc Gourmet chocolatier Michael Szyliowicz. “Now, coffee lovers can savor a truly unique mocha that combines the chocolate and coffee flavors of a single region.”

Mont Blanc has partnered with Omanhene chocolate to feature the robust flavors of Ghana. “Because of the single-origin nature of the chocolate, and the unique cocoa processing done there, the red fruit notes are more dominant than in a typical chocolate,” says Szyliowicz, co-founder of the Denver company known for its innovative and high-quality products.

The specialty coffee industry highlights the taste profiles of different growing regions. With Mont Blanc Gourmet's single-origin chocolate syrup, coffee drinkers now have the ability to create their own distinctive taste profiles by combining the flavors of different regions. The Ghana syrup can be used in mochas or blender drinks, mixed with coffee and poured over ice or drizzled atop ice cream or other desserts.

Mont Blanc's single-origin dark chocolate syrup was born out of a commitment to unique, quality products and a desire to help specific cocoa-farming communities. And so the partnership with Omanhene was formed. Omanhene features Ghana chocolate, and its business plan ensures that Ghana cocoa farmers are paid a fair wage determined by the Government of Ghana and that all the value-added processing takes place in Ghana.

“We are excited to have been asked by Mont Blanc to play a key role in developing the first single-origin chocolate syrup,” says Steven Wallace, founder of The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company. “It is a partnership borne of a desire to showcase the high-value manufacturing we undertake in Ghana - an achievement that allows us to showcase both the wondrous Ghana cocoa beans and the extraordinary Ghanaian workforce.”

Omanhene has been recognized by the United Nations Global Compact initiative for its commitment to global corporate citizenship. The Wisconsin-based company goes beyond the typical fair trade scheme by keeping the value-added manufacturing component in Ghana.

Processing in the country of origin benefits both the country of origin and the consumer. “Our cocoa beans are not subjected to a month-long ocean voyage prior to processing off-shore,” says Wallace. “As a result, Omanhene chocolate has an unmistakably fresh flavor and aroma.”

That flavor and aroma enables Mont Blanc's first single-origin chocolate syrup to truly stand out in the specialty coffee marketplace. “Mont Blanc is committed to offering the best-tasting products we can find,” says Szyliowicz. “And a true benefit of single-origin chocolates is that we can help have a positive impact on the economies of cocoa-growing countries. We hope demand will allow us to expand our single-origin product line.”

For more information on Mont Blanc's Ghana syrup, visit http://montblancgourmet.com/single-origin/ or call Irene Szyliowicz at (800) 877-3811.

Chocolatier Michael Szyliowicz's creative and innovative spirit is the driving force behind Mont Blanc Gourmet, a boutique-style company that focuses on the highest-quality chocolate possible. If you can envision a product, the Denver-based lab stands ready to make it a reality. Mont Blanc works with some of the largest companies in the industry and has developed an enviable lineup of private-label products for each. Classique chocolate syrup anchors Mont Blanc's product line, which includes frozen blender drink mixes, drinkable chocolate and sugar-free chocolate and caramel syrups.

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