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Coffee Beanery Rolls Out New "Green" Cups

Other Topics: Premium Coffee Roasts, Green Coffee Certification, Specialty Coffee Association, Coffee Excellence Award

April 25, 2007

Flushing, MI -- Coffee Beanery shows that they are "coffee people who care" by introducing new, environmentally friendly cold cups in all of their U.S. stores. These new cold cups are made from corn and are fully compostable. The "greenware" cups open up more disposal options that have a reduced environmental impact.

On April 1st the new cups were rolled out in all U.S. stores and are now being used to serve all of their cold beverages. "Coming into the warmer part of the year we wanted to make sure that we were ready to make a statement that we want to do our part to be socially and environmentally responsible," Said JoAnne Shaw, Founder and President of Coffee Beanery. "Our cold drinks really drive the business in the hot summer months, so this will make a very big impact."

Last year there were over 2.6 million cold cups that went out from Coffee Beanery's World Headquarters in Flushing, Michigan. They anticipate that the number will rise to over 3 million this year based on the growing popularity of their cold beverages. This summer they will highlight some of their popular cold beverages like the Black and White Frappalatte and the Carmel Crunch Swirl.

Coffee Beanery is one of the first coffee shop chains to offer an environmentally friendly cold cup throughout their entire system. The new cold cups, produced by Fabri-Kal, are created from products that are derived entirely from corn starches. The cup rollout is another way that Coffee Beanery shows that they are "coffee people who care" (their new focus for community relations). Some of their other "caring" activities include offering Fair Trade Products, supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Special Olympics, and other various national and local non-profit organizations.

Founded by JoAnne and Julius Shaw in 1976, The Coffee Beanery is a privately held company that franchises and supports a network of upscale cafes, retail stores, carts and kiosks that specialize in serving the finest specialty Arabica coffee. The Coffee Beanery has over 150 locations globally. For more information on Coffee Beanery please visit www.coffeebeanery.com.

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