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Millstone Coffee Provides Premium Coffees in a Diverse Range of Roasts and Flavors

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Food Ingredients First
May 10, 2007

Netherlands -- Millstone Coffee, a division of Procter & Gamble, announced the introduction of a special edition line up of Whole Bean Exotic coffee from Costa Rica, Kenya, and Sumatra. From the corner cafe to the grocery store aisle, coffee connoisseurs from around the globe are seeking out premium coffees from unique locales. Millstone Coffee, known for their over 40 varieties of roasts and flavors, meets this consumer desire with the introduction of Costa Rica Tarrazu, a medium roast with a clean and balanced finish, Kenya AA, a medium dark roast with an intense but clean finish, and Sumatra Mandheling, a dark roast with a complex, smooth finish.

The three new blends in the Millstone Exotics line up join the more than 40 Millstone premium roasts and flavored coffees, including Millstone's 100% Organic line up which is USDA Certified Organic with an additional certification of either Fair Trade Certified (TransFair America) or Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Millstone Coffee has a rich history of providing consumers with premium coffees available in a diverse range of roasts and flavors. The new Millstone Exotics blends enhance the brand's offering of premium caffeinated and decaffeinated flavors and roasts already available at supermarkets and retail stores throughout the country.

"Millstone is proud to offer a premium coffee line up that is unmatched in its variety of offerings," said Lars Atorf, external relations manager, P&G coffee. "New Millstone Exotics both builds upon this commitment and gives coffee drinkers three new offerings that are strikingly unique coffee experiences. We are excited about these new offerings and are anticipating strong consumer response."

Like fine varietal wines, Millstone Exotic coffees are distinguished by their region of origin, where the ideal altitude, soil conditions, and climate combine to produce perfect beans. The Millstone Exotics line up of coffees are specially sourced from single countries where Arabica beans are produced at the highest altitudes under only the best but limited seasonal conditions. As a result, the new Millstone Exotics line up will be available only for a limited time.

Special edition Millstone Exotics are selected from only premium Arabica beans and are carefully roasted to give prominence to the flavor of the bean and overall cup taste. Available in whole bean 12-ounce pre-packaged bags and whole bean bulk coffee bins, the line up will be priced in line with other whole bean Millstone coffees.

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