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Gourmet International Coffee in High Demand by US Soldiers

Other Topics: Coffee Record, Gourmet Coffee, Specialty Coffee Show

April 3, 2007

US soldiers serving in remote areas find they can still indulge in the simple pleasure of gourmet international coffee. Now focused on supporting the troops, online purveyor of gourmet international flavored coffees makes products accessible where few luxuries can be found.

Fishers, IN -- A sharp increase in shipments of gourmet international flavored coffee to Afghanistan recently influenced Javacoffeeecafe to investigate the cause. The company was amazed to learn they had acquired a loyal following of US troops serving overseas where special treats are hard to find.

Thomas Crenshaw, co-founder of Javacoffeecafe, explained that they never actually intended to single out military personnel as a potential market for gourmet international flavored coffees, but, “… found that we were offering exactly what they wanted for a variety of reasons.”

When word about them spread among the soldiers, their sales jumped, thereby motivating Thomas to begin corresponding with several of the soldiers. With great pride, he recalls, “I learned that our willingness to deliver products to FPO and APO addresses was something that many mail order and internet stores refuse to do. In addition, our huge selection of gourmet international flavored coffees is popular not only for its variety, but also because it is one of the few things that will ship well and arrive fresh.” He points out that other tasty treats, like chocolate, cannot survive shipment to the desert areas.

One of the soldiers with whom Mr. Crenshaw has corresponded is a Captain Yazmin Rios, who even offered a testimonial about their gourmet international coffee. She wrote, “ offers a great variety of gourmet international flavored coffee. The website is easy to access and very reliable. The coffee is shipped all over the world allowing everyone including the military men and women deployed and overseas to have a taste of this great variety of coffee. The coffee packaging maintains the aroma and taste of the coffee fresh; making the coffee drinking experience an unforgettable one. The coffee and shipping prices are feasible and the shipping time is very reasonable.”

Because of these reasons, Mr. Crenshaw feels he can explain the latest shift in online orders that he has observed. “It appears that now we have people here in The States who are buying our international and gourmet flavored coffee, but indicating a shipment delivery address in Iraq or Afghanistan. Apparently, friends and family members of service men and women have also discovered Javacoffeecafe as a new way to show their support of the troops.”

Rapidly becoming the leading online purveyor of gourmet international flavored coffee, offers over 160 varieties of fine roasts and blends of regular and decaffeinated coffees. Specializing in whole bean and ground international gourmet flavored coffee, they have become famous among soldiers serving overseas by offering simple luxury in places where such joys are hard to find. is proud to keep coffee enthusiasts worldwide supplied with their favorite blends.

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