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Cuppy’s Coffee & More Gives Employees the Real Power

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Cuppy’s Coffee & More
March 29, 2007

Fort Walton Beach, FL -- Cuppy’s unique approach lets employees decide who becomes a franchisee with structured voting power.

Instead of relying on a committee of executives or board of directors, Cuppy’s Coffee & More prefers to give the power of granting a franchise to those who have the most knowledge about how the franchise works: the corporate employees.

Before a Cuppy’s Coffee franchise is granted, every potential candidate must pass the inspection of an employee-led committee. Held throughout the work day, after work hours and sometimes on weekends, the committees are made up of employees volunteering their time to meet potential “family members”, and seats on each committee are filled on a first come, first served basis.

“Franchise Committees allow every employee a chance to volunteer and participate in major company decisions,” said employee Jeni Habas. “The committee gives me a feeling that my opinion matters and that I am a part of the Cuppy’s Coffee & More family on more than an ‘employment’ level.”

The franchise committees are made up of the people that make the company run day-to-day; from receptionists to vice presidents and office runners to accountants.

During a committee meeting, seven employees participate in an interview session with the potential franchisee, and members are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback. “I look for enthusiasm, determination and passion when considering each one. It is important to me that each franchisee has the motivation to help take Cuppy’s to the next level now and in the future,” said employee Natalie Muncy.

At the end of the committee session, the committee members are asked to vote on whether or not the potential franchisee should be granted a franchise and they must give a valid reason for their decision. “Being able to vote on whether or not a potential franchisee can become a part of Cuppy’s Coffee makes me feel much more involved in this company’s future as a whole,” said Muncy.

Interested in owning a Cuppy’s Coffee franchise? Visit or call 888-241-4324.

About Cuppy’s Coffee & More
Cuppy’s Coffee & More, a coffee and smoothie franchise based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida provides aspects of the business including Marketing, Proven Systems, Site Selection, Training, Volume Buying Power, and Growth. For more information on Cuppy’s and to learn about our franchise offerings including the dual drive-up/ drive thru, coffee café, mobile café, coffee kiosk, or coffee cart visit the website or call Toll Free at (888)241-4324.

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